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megaggie2002 asked:

I'm trying to complete the Leave a Blog Post Comment on the NailNation giveaway rafflecopter. The link provided in the entry takes to a post on your tumblr page but I can't figure out how to comment on it. I liked and reblogged the post though. :)

Thanks for doing that - I don’t think I was ever added as a contributor.  That giveaway just got HUGE!!  <3

beautyluvrz asked:

Hi GG! I Am always on the hunt for the best mascara to give me the biggest, longest, fullest lashes I can get. What are your faves? I like the It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer, I also use their Celebration Foundation which I really like also. Glad I found you GG, I'm following you now :) Gretchen

Hi, Gretchen!  For more “luxury” brands, I like Benefit’s “They’re Real!” - and Rimmel’s ScandalEyes actually gives the luxury brands a run for their money.  It Cosmetics ByeBye is a must-have for me, too!

lindseygarber asked:

I love your blog! What is your ALL TIME FAVORITE Indie brand and polish?

It’s hard to pick a favorite…depends on my mood and what we’re talking about!  Different brands do certain things really well:  CrowsToes is amazing for glitterbombs, Colors by Llarowe for holos, Jindie does glitter with crelly really well.  But there are so many at this point?  Picking a favorite is JUST.TOO.HARD.  LOL!

Oh, To Be a Kid Again …

Okay, not really.  I was fat kid, with frizzy hair - as in, my mom once had to CUT the perm rods out.  Yeah … there are some memories we can just leave in the past.  Besides, there are perfectly good kids hanging out, just looking for someone to sit down and watch a movie with them (some of them might be your grandchildren…or your kids…or your boyfriends/husbands…)

On April 1st (NO FOOLING!  I have picture evidence to follow.  LOTS OF IT.), Big Spoon Lacquers is going to help you get in touch with your inner child.  Welcome to “The Childhood Wonderment Collection,” which is inspired by some iconic children’s movies!

Dynamite Girl is a raspberry-colored jelly polish, full of multi-colored glitter (micro and holo).  It has that AMAZING squishy factor, and looks like hard candy with candy sprinkles (to me.  I love sugar.  I sang “Sugar Rush!  Sugar Rush!” in my head as I was applying it…).  It is inspired by the movie “Wreck-It Ralph.”  Pictures show two coats, over my bare nail (no base coat, no undies), with one coat of Seche Vite; macro shot is two coats with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.

Love’s Adventure is a sky blue crelly polish, full of multi-colored matte glitter.  It’s inspired by the movie “Up” - aw…I has a sad just thinking about that movie, then I think about “SQUIRRELS!” and it goes away again! This is a very sheer polish, but a couple of things here:  I don’t have a problem with VNL, and given the “theme” of the polish, if the crelly were too thick, you wouldn’t get the dimension needed to see the layers of glitters that symbolize a bunch of balloons against a blue sky. WATCH THE MOVIE and you’ll UNDERSTAND.  Pictures show three coats, over my bare nail (no base coat, no undies), with one coat of Seche Vite; macro shot is two coats with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat. If I were going for opacity, I might put this over a layer of white - or find a good light blue to use as undies.  But honestly?  This three coats with a toppie REALLY gave me the feel of the balloons.  I’m just saying…

Friendship Beyond Infinity is a white crelly polish, full of black, lime green, and purple glitter.  As soon as I saw this, I said “BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!” and just KNEW that this one was inspired by the “Toy Story” franchise!  This is, hands down, the best white crelly polish I’ve used. Pictures show two coats, over my bare nail (no base coat, no undies), with one coat of Seche Vite; macro shot is two coats with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.  As a rule, when I use a white crelly, I’ve learned (through trial and error) to just go ahead and start with a coat of white polish.  When I swatch?  I don’t even use base coat usually … I go bare nails, and let y’all see the polish (unless I’m working a theme of some sort).  THIS WAS A DREAM.  Two coats, beautiful smooth coverage…AWESOME.  Pauline needs to make me some more white crelly customs.  I gots ideas…

Going Against the Grass is a another beautiful, squishy jelly polish, full of glimmer and glitter and glitz (OH MY!).  Most people will say that they don’t really LIKE bar glitter; I have NEVER had a problem with bar glitter in a polish from Big Spoon - I don’t know if she threatens it, or if she’s feeding Mylar to the unicorns and hiring pixies to pick the shreds out of their poop, or what…but it just lies so nicely on the nail!  (I make it up as I go, people.)  Inspired by “A Bug’s Life,” this is SO reminiscent of fresh grass.  Pictures show two coats, over my bare nail (no base coat, no undies), with one coat of Seche Vite; macro shot is two coats with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.  It was very smooth, when applied - one coat of top coat was all it needed; no glitter tamer required.

Dream Big is the first one she showed me from this collection.  I said “OMFG, what’s THAT?” and she said “The night sky in Paris.” (This is the conversation as I remember it.  She’ll SWEAR to it.)  Inspired by the movie “Ratatouille,” Dream Big is a shimmer-holo (“sholo”?  YOLO??  WTF-ever-olo!) with a rainbow running through it - look, I BUY polish and wear it…I don’t know what all this stuff is called that’s IN it, always.  I know a crelly from a jelly from a cream, and I know glitter when I see it - this has microglitter in it, and it sparkles like nothing you’ve EVER seen.  IT IS FREAKING AMAZING matted.  AMAZING.  Pictures show two coats, over my bare nail (no base coat, no undies), with one coat of Seche Vite; macro shot is two coats with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.  This.Is.Gorgeous.  The night sky in Paris.  INDEED.

Discover the Destination and Embrace the Journey are companions.  The first part of the duo (Discover…) is an orange sholo with a pinkish shift (the matted macro shows the pink better), and its partner polish (Embrace…) is a glitter topper with black and white glitter in different shapes and sizes, along with some shimmer, in a clear base. Y’know, kinda like a clown fish.  WHAT?  YES!!  This duo is inspired by “Finding Nemo”!!!  Pictures of Discover the Destination show two coats, over my bare nail (no base coat, no undies), with one coat of Seche Vite; macro shot is two coats with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.  Pictures of Embrace the Journey show one coat over Discover the Destination, with one coat of Seche Vite; there is also a matted macro shot of that combination. In addition, there’s a matted shot of two coats of Embrace the Journey over my bare nail, with a coat of Glitter Food, then matted.  These are fantastic!!

And finally, what might just be the sleeper hit of the collection:  Eye On You is pretty in the bottle.  It’s a lime green shimmer with light holo inspired by the movie “Monsters University” (or “Monsters Inc.” if you’re a purist about sequels) - Let’s hear it for Mike Wazowski!! So you put it on the nail, and you realize it has microglitter in it, and it sparkles. Interesting.  Then you hit it with some top coat, and BAM!  You start looking for people to show!  Pictures show two coats, over my bare nail (no base coat, no undies), with one coat of Seche Vite; macro shot is two coats with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.  This one was really surprising to me!  I expected to like it (it’s nail polish, and it’s Big Spoon … unless it BITES ME, I’m going to like it - and even then, if it apologizes, I’m easy) - I didn’t expect to LOVE it!

So, welcome back to your childhood!  Paint your nails.  Paint a kid’s nails.  Pop some popcorn, go get the movie that inspired the polish, and waste an afternoon.  Kids don’t worry about stuff like that…why should you?

The Childhood Wonderment Collection will launch on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at the Big Spoon Lacquers site, at  For more news on Big Spoon Lacquers, make sure to like their Facebook page:

Don’t forget to stop and play occasionally,


Note regarding compensation:  Some polish from this collection, and a “blogger care package,” was provided anticipating review of this collection, due to its size; most was purchased out of pocket (mine), and the review was provided because I chose to swatch and review.  Nobody is the boss of me, and if I didn’t like the polish, I just wouldn’t publish the review.  Just making sure we keep it transparent.  <3

Mascara - My Achilles Heel (And some other MAC stuff, too!)

So, I gets this here e-mail, telling me about this here AWESOME new mascara from MAC…”Studio Sculpt Lash.”  And I quote, “An innovative brush design uniquely crafted to capture and separate each lash for instant definition, length and curl. Produces maximum fullness and thickness…”  Well, HELL, you had ME at “an innovative brush design.”  WHERE DO I GET IT?  And on the e-mail, they said “Oh yeah, we’ll also give you free overnight shipping if you order before Sunday night.”  SCORE!  And nobody just buys a mascara, so I also picked up a Prep + Prime Skin Smoother compact that I’d been eyeing for a while, and the Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick, because it’s for a good cause AND it’s red.  So, YAYNESS!  

So, here’s what I got…

Oh, about that “overnight” shipping…that whole “overnight” part starts once they process your order; I ordered on the weekend, and it finally arrived, I think, on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  But hey…it was free, and it didn’t take a week - who am I to whine?

The first item I tried was the Prep + Prime Skin Smoother.  I checked the reviews on the Mac site, and they were awesome…glowing, even.  And most of them were from women my age, so I felt pretty good about the purchase.

Reviews that I read from other sources complain about the lack of an applicator - no sponge, etc.  I did a little further research, and Pixiwoo (Samantha Chapman, the makeup artist who also creates the RealTechniques brushes that I swear by) suggests using a brush - I tried that method and loved it.  MAC says use your fingers.  I did that too, and it works just as well.  I also think you could get by with a makeup sponge.  I’m not sure what all the fuss is about - I don’t get applicators with a lot of my stuff, and I haven’t fallen to pieces yet.  That said, I don’t necessarily see this as a Holy Grail product by any means; I don’t see this as working any better, really, than the Benefit Porefessional I already owned.  I didn’t see much different in the smoothness of my skin … although other than some fine lines and wrinkles, and a large pore here and there on my nose, I’ve got decent skin for an old broad.  But it works, it does the job, it’s NICELY hydrating, and I was able to use it equally well under makeup and on its own with a dusting of finishing powder.  Will I re-buy it?  Honestly, I doubt I ever hit pan on it.

Next up, let’s talk about that “SUPER AWESOME, does it ALL, innovative new brush” mascara.

So.  This has smallish bristles on one side of the wand, and it is reputed “to capture and separate each lash for instant definition, length and curl. Produces maximum fullness and thickness for a strong, dramatic look with effortless precision.”  I’m thinking this to be PERHAPS a bit of a stretch.  A leap.  Maybe a large one … over a really big canyon on a frigging jet-cycle.  I think this is a GREAT lower-lash mascara; I think it’s great for a first coat, then “fluff ‘em up” with something else - or to comb them out after you’ve used something else.  I haven’t had good luck with it on its own…and I consider myself to be something of an expert on mascara.  As in, I usually have 10 tubes of the stuff (minimum) running at once.  I will definitely not re-buy this, nor would I recommend it - this was a disappointment.  Why do I keep believing in MAC mascara…WHY????

Finally, the lipstick…

It’s a red lipstick…and a blue-red lipstick, to boot.  I LOVE RED LIPSTICK.  To quote Jesse James Dupree (bonus points if you know who he is), “What could POSSIBLY go wrong?”  Well…it’s a frost.  It’s not matte.  It felt kinda slick and…it didn’t last worth a damn.  Now, every dime from the sale it it goes toward helping people affected by or living with HIV/AIDS, so I don’t regret buying it.  I’ll wear it; it’s a lovely color and the packaging is BEAUTIFUL.  But Ri-Ri…why no matte???  What’s up with this frost shit?  So…re-buying isn’t an option, because the Viva Glam shades are LE anyways.  But if it wasn’t?  Yeah - still wouldn’t re-buy.  Can’t beat a MAC matte, though.  Every day, all day.

So, this MAC purchase was kinda meh.  Ah well.  They can’t all be roses and rockets!

YOU can buy MAC at or at your local MAC store, and at some fine department stores.

I purchased all items shown here.

Love yas,

GG <3

Grab Your Tophat and Cue the Calliope Music…

"Duh-duh-dananana duh duh CIRCUS! Duh-duh-dananana duh duh AFRO! Circus! Afro! Circus! Afro! Polkadot-polkadot-polkadot-AFRO!"


Or, if you don’t get the reference?

Here…the fun starts at about 0:42…

(Sorry - it’s the little things that amuse me.)

Royal Lacquer is launching a new collection on Saturday, March 8th - WANNA GUESS WHAT IT IS???  No, not Chris Rock.  NO, not polka dots.  NO, NOT MADAGASCAR!  OMG, FINE!  I’ll TELL YOU!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…

WELCOME to the Royal Lacquer Circus Collection!

AND, I’ll show you!

(L-R: Circus Circus, Under the Big Top, Sideshow and Carnival Glass)


(L-R: Circus Circus, Carnival Glass, Under the Big Top, Sideshow)

Tiffany provided me with both Under the Big Top and Circus Circus for preview and review:

Let’s start with Under the Big Top - Two coats, no undies and no base coat, no glitter tamer, and one coat of HK Girl Top Coat.  This is a black jelly polish, with multicolored holographic hex and circle glitters.  Because it’s a jelly AND it’s black?  First coat doesn’t go on looking like something you’d want to “top-coat and go.”  Personally, I’ve never met a one-coat jelly polish - if you have?  Introduce me.  So I knew this going in, and remember, I didn’t use a base coat or undies; instead, I did a really thin first coat and let it dry well.  But when it was time for that second coat?  BOY HOWDY, I loaded it up and slathered it on.  There was no fishing, dabbing, nothing…this polish is packed with bling.  I let it dry, topped it, and it was smooth as glass.  GORGEOUS.

Next up we have Circus Circus - This is a glitter topper - multicolored glitters in a clear bas - BUT, if you look at my thumb, you’ll see that I didn’t use a base color underneath, opting instead for three coats alone of the polish … and I was pleasantly surprised!  I think I could make that work!  On the other nails?  A base of Butter London Keks, and ONE COAT of Circus Circus.  ONE COAT, people.  Hit it with some HK Girl, and done.  Again, perfect application, no fishing…just lovely.  LOOKIE AT THE BLINGIES!!

So…what do you think?  I love this.  LOVE THIS.  And I *really* think you could also do one coat of Under the Big Top over something else, to make it darker and more mysterious, and sparkly - I wanna try that!

Rumor has it that there MIGHT just be a coupon code forthcoming on launch day…keep your eyes open!

You can purchase Royal Lacquer at

You can like them on Facebook at and you can follow them on Instagram at  

Seriously, MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!  :)

Holographic glitter and hugs,


So…what’s up for grabs??

Multi Blogger Giveaway!

Prize Pack 1 from Glamour Granny (US only):

Carnival Glass, Poe and Vynails from Royal Lacquer.




Geirangerfjord and Trollveggan from Big Spoon Lacquers

Prize Pack 2 from BoomShakaLacquer (US only):




Nimue and Hecate from Daphine Polish


Hellebore and Fireweed from Alchemy Lacquers



Floor 500, Rose and the Dalek, Moon Over Paradise and Moisturize Me 
from Gothic Gala

 mystery prize from Ellagee

Prize Pack 3 from Les Essais Beauté de Schette (Worldwide):



$25 Dazzled gift certificate

Prize Pack 4 from The Crumpet (worldwide):image

Llarowe gift certificate

Prize Pack 5 from Amanda Loves Polish (US only): 




Don’t Panic and Calypso from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics




 Carnivale and unscented cuticle oil from Northern Star Polish


Prize Pack 6 from Decently Fashionable (US only):




 3 surprise polishes from Pretty Bitch



 mystery nail art package from Decently Fashionable

Prize Pack 7 from Short Nails Need Love Too (US only):

A Star to Sail By and Maui from Indigo Bananas
Sweet Tart and a mini glass file from Model City Polish

Lovin’ Some Holo-y Goodness!

I love Jindie polish.  It’s one of my favorite brands - I own more of it than any other brand.  If you want my reasons, here they are:  I love the owner (more on that in a minute), I think it’s accessible (and that’s important - you can make a beautiful polish, but if I can’t buy it without needing to take a day off and a damned Xanax?  Fuhgettaboutit.), and it’s affordable and available in more than one size bottle (actually, I think most are available in 2 or 3).  I recently placed an order for three bottles…one that had been on my “want it” list for a while (Betty’s Fetti Milkshake) and two I’d missed during their initial release (Red Velvet Revolver and You Can’t Turn a Ho-Lo Into a Housewife).  I have to admit…part of the desire for “Housewife” was the name - can’t even say it without cracking a smile.

So, there was a slight delay in shipping; I think there was an illness in the house (hey, they’re independent business owners - they have kids and lives, some of them have part- or full-time jobs).  It’s uncharacteristic of the brand AND the customer service…I usually get stuff within the week, since we’re in the same state.  I even told someone else that, on Facebook… “There’s stuff going on - she’s posted about it.  Don’t let this be your impression of her or the brand.”  Jenn’s customer service?  Stellar.  Her devotion to her customers?  AMAZING…when she was taking e-mail orders on something (I think it was LE polishes back in the fall), she was e-mailing people individually and making sure they got what they wanted, even offering to add other polishes to the order before she invoiced.  Just great customer service and focus.  In any event…I got my order:

L-R:  Red Velvet Revolver, You Can’t Turn a Ho-Lo Into a Housewife (LOL), and Betty’s Fetti Milkshake

BUT WAIT, there’s MORE:

(Sorry it’s blurry - my hand was shaky from excitement) Love Me.  And on the invoice, handwritten, “Free,” and a heart.

WHAT????  OMGOMGOMG.  Now, Jenn has “upgraded” my bottle size occasionally (more than once)…I’ve ordered a mid-size, and she’s sent a full-size.  But this was a FREE polish!  I was overwhelmed…and really, really grateful.  HOW COOL IS THAT??

So with no further ado?

Jindie’s Love Me on index/pinkie, and You Can’t Turn a Ho-Lo Into a Housewife on thumb/middle/ring.  Two coats of each, over G&G Stuck on Blu, topped with G&G HK Girl.  There was NO fishing with the glitter polish - it was easy to apply, and only required one coat of top coat for complete smoothing, in spite of some larger glitter.  The holo polish?  Applied like buttah.  Perfect application.  PERFECTION, I’m tellin’ ya.  This was a quick mani…on and done!  And it’s beautiful…I’m so happy with it!

You can catch the purple shift in this, since it’s mildly out-of-focus.

LOOK!  No shakes!

Again, with the out-of-focus, you can see the holo and the purple a little better … aren’t you glad I’m a shitty photographer?

Okay, this time?  Being craptastic didn’t pay off as much.

But this?  This is beautiful.  And there’s that purple in the holo.  Just lovely.

Thank you, Jenn…for everything.  <3

You can buy Jindie at; you can follow on Facebook at, on Twitter at and on Instagram at

I purchased the three polishes as indicated; the fourth polish was NOT provided in exchange for a review.  Nobody had to twist my arm…when it’s good?  I want to talk about it.

Love and lipstick,


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